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by Margie Gerena-Lewis, MD The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change. -Heraclitus Life happens whether we want it to or not. Many things have changed in the past two years since I started this journey to obtain the MBA. The past two years are full of landmarks. I...

The road less traveled

September 20th, 2017: a day that will forever remain in my memory. This was the day that Maria, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico (PR) in over 100 years, remained stagnant over the already weakened and struggling island. Like a video on replay, these words...

From Brooklyn to Puerto Rico and Back

One of the first things Karen Caraballo noticed from the window of her plane is how colorless Puerto Rico looked, as if it’s a war zone. “There is no green, everything looks gray, and dark, and dirty,” she said. On Saturday, Caraballo, who lives in Bay Ridge,...



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