Farmers to Families Food Box Program

“Alimentos para Nuestra Gente”

During this time of social vulnerability, it is more important than ever to fortify our relationships we serve to bring relief to our people of Puerto Rico. In collaboration with Caribbean Food Produce, we have been working and empowering 71 community leaders in 30 municipalities around the island. Together we have distributed 89,415 food boxes supporting approximately 323,682 people around the island from May to September.

The food boxes delivered by the initiative Alimentos Para Mi Gente (Food for our People) contain vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, meats, and butter enough to sustain families for 3-4 days.

All of these boxes have been distributed among the communities by their leaders and dozens of volunteers. By removing obstacles, these leaders have been able to impact their communities and bring relief. This has helped them to manage uncertainty by helping others during the pandemic.

Working with the organization Puerto Rico Rise Up has been a spiritually extraordinary experience that has allowed us to reach thousands of people amid the pandemic. During the distribution many people have expressed great immense satisfaction to serve. Although we do not know each other personally, without a doubt God brought us together through this initiative to bless many people. Today, more than working for a particular name, we are working and promoting quality of life for all residents of Puerto Rico regardless of race, culture, creed, social and economic status. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Puerto Rico rises with the help of God.

Pastor Rogol J. Mills-Costoso

The initiative Alimentos para Nuestra Gente has allowed us to assist families in the southern area, the same ones that were disrupted by the earthquakes at the beginning of the year. It was an opportunity to bring hope and relief to communities that have welcomed us with great joy.

Yesenia Cedeño

Community Leader Yauco

We remain committed to southerners, carrying out initiatives to support recovery efforts in the south of the island.