Community and Economic Growth

PRRU aims to play a vital role in building healthy communities that provide critical services that boost the economic stability of the island. We want to be the voice of the people we serve, advocate, and find solutions to problems affecting at-risk populations.

Our goal is to create innovative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.

This program supports economic development, resilience, as well as, career development.

Vieques Collaborative Humanitarian Relief Mission

In collaboration with other groups, we have provided free medical care and distributed goods including medical and essential supplies. Since then, PRRU efforts in Vieques have been ongoing, in partnership with other organizations.

Caravana NaviDAR

Caravana NaviDAR is a fundraising campaign to fund a program with the primary goal of reviving the holiday spirit and renew hope of children and caregivers in shelter homes in PR. During Caravana NaviDAR 2017, more than 30 centers benefited from toys and supplies delivered and through a centralized artistic event for the children, where they learned about resilience and how to keep a positive outlook in life during difficult times. The most significant amount of the funds was used to rebuild and improve the living conditions of children living in foster homes. Moving forward, we plan to continue supporting this initiative

From you we have received the support, to feel that we are not alone but from the other side of the world you are accompanying us... we have received the solar water heater, a small fridge that the Department of Family required, clothing, a generator, medicines, appliances, and contribution in the reconstruction of our warehouse ... this was key for us to continue what we do…

Sister Eulalia, Fray Luis Amigo Orphanage

People like you are what Puerto Rico needs in order for Puerto Rico to move forward

Merlinda Milna Sanchez, former resident and now secretary of orphanage Teresa Toda



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